J!Praxis - Besser.Online


Whether you do want to tend a new website or extend an existing one, we do appreciate to help you with all website enhancements, professionally and competent.

All of our works will be documented, commented and eventually bespoken during a seminar. Besides we care for the Joomla! framework standards and standards of coding like we do in the pure coding part.

Enhancements which we do on a regular base

  • Security enhancements of websites, the server or extensions
  • Module- or component-views at the frontend
  • Performance optimization - only loading beneath 1 second is perfect ;) 
  • Integration of new features or extensions
  • Updatesafe rejuvenation of extensions (components, modules and plugins) or your complete website
  • Slider- or other script integration in contents and modules
  • Checkout-Processes, responsive checkout-views and buyers usability in cartsystems
  • Modern views of image- or other mediagalleries
  • Mobile view optimization of the complete site or parts of it
  • Integration of modern features like css3-animations, HTML5-forms or soecialized scripts
  • ...