J!Praxis - Besser.Online


Development is the principle discipline of website services per se. We do realize codes for Joomla! via the MVC Model, besides working with libraries like jQuery, Ajax etc., knowing well the core of the Joomla, the Joomla! framework.

joomla3 readySo we develop complete websites and individual solutions, extend existing extensions or build APIs for webshops or other services. Of course we do also like to modernize existing scripts and functions and better the workflow of already installed components and plugins.

Especially for Joomla! we can offer

  • Development of modern templates
  • Coding of new functions or betther them, for eg. slideshows, pdf-Outputs, jQuery modernizing...
  • Development of modules, plugns and individual components
  • Functionality extension and/or optimization of known extensions

Of course we do respect standards of coding as same as standards of the used frameworks, technical conditions of already installed extensions and the performance of the final product.

We do work with version controlling, that for you as enduser get fully tested codes.

Totally individual development

Sometimes there is need for more than a cms - a complete individual solution for an intranet, as a service or for usage in the cloud. We looking forward to talk with you about your ideas.

You will get a minimum of 12 month support for all of our sourcecodes guaranteed. At cases on enhancing or optimization the time of support could differ.