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Wordpress is the "small" CMS which became famous as a bloggersystem since it´s first stable release in 2004.

Wordpress is used most - as supposed CMS - worldwide. You can work with it on a rapid learning curve during some hours by it´s easy usage and a big community.

Wordpress is still primarily used as a base for bloggersites. More and more companies´ sites, portfolio presentation and creative content sites are also realized with it.

Thousands of plugins (extensions) and themes are available. Though Wordpress is no CMS - typical CMS patterns like a multiple language site are not part of the philosophy of The Wordpress Foundation.

Wordpress is well suitable for:

  • small corporate sites
  • portfolio and creative sites
  • Blog- and News-webpages

Our Wordpress-Services for you:

  • Consulting and enhancement
  • Development of themes, widgets and plugins
  • Development of complete new features like connections to Intranets, APIs etc.
  • Security checks and protection
  • fast restoration of hacked Wordpress sites