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The first part of the name J!Praxis, J!,  is traced of Joomla! - the CMS of the american developer OpenSourceMatters. The J!Praxis officially opened in 2009 when Pierre Corell totally focussed on Joomla! Business Support as service.

The second part, Praxis, is directing to the german word for doctor´s surgery and the meaning of practice, which are both the same words in german. We do professionally practice Joomla! since 2006.

On the usage of the CMS Joomla! many peops get more and more questions, caused by the many possibilitties of the high end CMS system. Individual tasks or special knowledge do require detailed skills and do need a professional, who:

  • best knows the framework of the CMS,
  • knows solutions to every problem and a lot of extensions,
  • can help fast and professional,
  • to take security related facts into consideration as well as SEO and usabilty,
  • and is able to develop individual solutions.

Since 2009 our profession has not changed - we do support Joomla!, it´s users, webmasters and companies on building modern websites and applications.

An office for Joomla!: J!Praxis - Better.Online