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Joomla! Business Support

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We are specialized on the CMS Joomla!, we advice, extend, develop and modernize websites and webshops.
We do develop for eg. templates, optimize functionalities and views.
Modern websites are important, always integrated at our services are these things like RWD.


One of our Open Source participation is the give-away of german translations, besides some scripts etc. free for download.


We do mainly offer a professional development for Joomla!, besides individual applications.

Small problems?

Often a big problem has a small reason, which are hardly to find.
We would like to help you with our Joomla! Business Support online suport - fast and competent.
At bigger problems, like problems caused by the server environment or older installed extensions, we do serve concrete steps for solving the problem.

Web Security

Spambots, Hacker and viruses do focus on websites.
Are you already vistim of these issues, we could help you to clean up the trace.

Joomla! Migration

A migration is a big uodate to the next major release of Joomla!. J!Praxis offers you some packages.

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The "small CMS" is often a good alternative solution.